The physiology of addiction between men and women is very different, and thus requires different approaches to treatment. We provide structured and safe environment that is separated by gender.

A balanced lifestyle in recovery is the primary and ultimate treatment goal of Huntsville Recovery, and we utilize the therapeutic community as the primary treatment agent for change.

Huntsville Recovery gives hope to drug- and alcohol-addicted individuals, making long-term recovery a reality. The experienced and compassionate staff members join clients on their journey and walk with them.

We are certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health and comply with all rules and regulations.

A medical and counseling program to help patients manage withdrawal from alcohol and/or other substances.

An intensive blend of individual, family, and group counseling designed to help patients learn a variety of tools to cope.

Offers individual, group, and family counseling services similar to IOP, but with a less intensive time investment.

Specifically for individuals addicted to opioids and offers less stringent requirements for clinic attendance.

A facilitator-led peer support group to help people build and maintain motivation, cope with urges, manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.